Mining machine hosting electricity price

Ant mining machine hosting, Avalon mining machine hosting, Shenma mining machine hosting, Singdom mining machine hosting, Aixin mining machine hosting
Graphics card machine, chip machine, can be hosted

machine type Electricity throughout the year Contract requirements
Domestic mining machine hosting 0.7Yuan/degree 300Get started
0.75Yuan/degree 200Get started
0.8Yuan/degree 100Get started
0.85Yuan/degree 10Get started
Operate the mining machine on behalf: charge 20 yuan/set of manual shelves fee; the mining farm’s agency operation service (switching machine and inspection cooperation, etc.) can also be operated by itself. Both domestic and foreign countries are adding venues. If you want to know more details, please contact our staff, thank you
machine type Electricity throughout the year Contract requirements
Overseas mining machine hosting by country
(United States, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Southeast Asia)
0.8Cents/degree 300Get started
0.85Cents/degree 200Get started
0.9Cents/degree 100Get started
0.95Cents/degree 10Get started

Mining machine hosting process

Four simple steps, easy mining machine hosting

After purchasing the mining machine

Choose a mining machine hosting service

Wait for delivery

To the mining machine hosting the mine

After arriving at the mine

Managed and put on the shelves by technology deployment miners

Start mining

Get mining revenue

Real-world pictures of the mining machine hosting

Substation equipment hosted by miners

Substation equipment hosted by miners


Panorama of the field hosted by the mining machine


Inside the mine hosted by the miner